Case Study - Increased Revenue by 60% in 2023

Binkabu creates handmade acrylic bird earrings, with a focus on Australian and New Zealand native birds. Their earrings are known for their vibrant colors and playful designs, and they have quickly become a favorite among bird lovers and fashionistas alike.

Digital Marketing, Email Retention, Operation Consulting


In a saturated market where customer acquisition and retention are paramount, Binkabu faced challenges in both expanding its customer base and ensuring existing customers remained loyal. Entrusting Wilak Media with its growth strategy was a move that resulted in staggering growth. Leveraging a deeply analyzed acquisition strategy, Wilak Media targeted a unique segment of potential customers which saw Binkabu gain an impressive 3,000+ new customers. Through tailored campaigns and laser-focused advertising, potential customers were introduced to Binkabu's offerings, ensuring the company stood out in a sea of competitors.

However, the magic didn't stop at acquisition. Recognizing the immense value in retaining a loyal customer base, Wilak Media implemented a formidable retention strategy for Binkabu. Through personalized customer engagement, loyalty programs, and regular feedback loops, they achieved an 80% increase in the return of customers. This meticulous approach to customer retention not only ensured a strengthened relationship with existing clients but also significantly contributed to the whopping 200% profitability surge. The overall revenue experienced a 60% uptick, affirming Wilak Media's position as a frontrunner in providing innovative and efficient growth solutions.

What we did

  • Digital Marketing
  • Email Retention
  • Operating Consulting
Increase In Revenue
Increase In Returning Customers
New Customers
More Profitable

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